Refrigeration Motors

Marathon is historically known for its commercial refrigeration motors with a long life span, just as it is for its HVAC & General-purpose motors range.

Refrigeration motor range is manufactured under our 95 Dia Capcan/T-200/Fr-29/Fr-39 in PSC & T-23 in shaded pole platforms, as also we can cater through our sister concern Elco brand which is a top-notch name & sells across the globe, both in PSC & the high-efficiency EC/BLDC range.

The said Marathon make motors which are supplied to all major India refrigeration sector clients like Blue Star, Voltas, Usha & multiple others who get served through our wide distribution channel network come with a secure impedance which protects the winding in abnormal supply & dynamic load conditions.


Shaded Pole & PSC Motors

Our Shaded Pole Design are custom-made solutions designed specifically for refrigeration applications in constant search of quality goods. our Motors Powered from 5W to 34W for usage mainly in the commercial refrigeration market, they are produced in 3 different continents in order to face the diverse requirements of our clients and the highest possible customization possible. PSC Motor Design in 95 Dia/T-200/Fr-29/Fr-39/ also happen to serve refrigeration applications.


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