General Purpose Motors

Marathon’s general-purpose 1HP range with output watt of 0.25HP-3HP in sheet metal body Fr-30, Fr-56 (NF series) & Fr-100S (NS series) serves the hardest of applications as wood Planer, compressors, drilling machines, paint mixing, diamond polishing, lawnmowers, poultry/hatchery ventilation, dairy-based/milking machines, Agri sector machines like chaff cutters, Lab test machines like soil testing, etc, temple drum, apple grating machines, lathe machines, variety of fan/ventilation loads, hatchery, kitchen application machines, grinding wheel, floor polishers, scientific lab machines, vacuum pumps, medical equipment applications & multiple other varied applications.

The said frame GP motors come with a high efficient lamination, Velox cooling fan, a powder-coated shell, a proven & trusted centrifugal switch mechanism, aluminum-casted end shields with preloaded bearing system along with thermal over-load protection if so required, enabling the highest reliability over a wide voltage range which comes in handy in not-so-trustworthy supply conditions.

Our 2HP & 3HP range also has been benchmarked against the toughest of market applications to run untroubled at peak loads with ample longevity.


GP MOTOR (Fr-56)

General Specifications
  • Enclosure available are DP (with Velox Fan), TEFC, DPFC,
  • Powder coated sheet Metal Body with aluminum or cast Iron End cover.
  • CSIR, CSCR and PSC are available
  • Mounting: Standard Foot/Flange/Foot cum Flange
  • Pressure Die-casted Dynamically Balanced rotor
  • Pre-Loaded Bearing system for Longer Life.
  • Velox Material centrifugal switch mechanism for trouble free Longer life.


GP MOTOR (Fr-30)

General Specifications
  • Up to ½ HP in Fr-30
  • Enclosure available are DP.
  • CSIR and PSC options available
  • Mounting : Standard foot
  • In house facility for lamination to ensure optimum electrical characteristics


GP MOTOR (Fr-100s)

General Specifications
  • Upto 3 HP In 100s Frame
  • Enclosure available are TEFC,
  • Class F Insulation available
  • CSCR & PSC options available
  • Mounting : Standard foot & Flange


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