Improve indoor air with UVantage. UVantage indoor air quality technology uses an HVAC blower with integrated UVC LED and control that sterilizes indoor air. UVantage provides an ideal location for cleaning the air before it is distributed through ducts. UVC sterilization also provides cleaning of the blower wheel and adjacent filter.





  • 275nm +/- 5nm UVC LEDs secured within the blower
  • 50W LED power draw
  • 120/230V AC input power to LED power supply (driver)
  • CFM up to 2600
  • LEDs operate when blower is active via safety interlock (provided)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Operating Life >10 Years
  • UL and CSA recognized component
  • LED assembly is field replaceable
  • No ozone ( O3 ) generated during operation


Features & Benefits:
  • Fully integrated, efficient air sterilization system which rapidly reduces virus, bacteria, and mold
  • No required maintenance or management of the UVC sterilization engine
  • No additional system maintenance, reduce active pathogen in filters
  • Safely enclosed within blower housing eliminating UVC light leak
  • Generates no additional static pressure


  • Residential HVAC
  • Light Commercial HVAC


UVC Safety

Light emitted in the UVC spectrum can cause erythema and conjunctivitis; therefore UVantage™ air treatment system is engineered to eliminate UVC light-leak. Following appropriate electrical safety precautions, technicians and occupants will not be exposed to UVC during intended installation, operation, and service.



In Production


Residential Application – Genteq’s Uvantage™ in 1800 Sq.Ft Home

With 400CFM (approximating fan-only mode), UVantage™ air treatment system provides approximately 50% reduction in active airborne pathogens within 2 hours of operation with a Merv 4 filter.


With 1200CFM (approximating fan-only mode), UVantage™ air treatment system provides approximately 78% reduction in active airborne pathogens within 2 hours of operation with a Merv 4 filter.


Uvantage™ Product Dimension


Blower Size  Depth (D) Length (L)   Height (G)
 9 x 6  16.59"  14.54"  11.42"
 10 x 10  19.36"  15.04"  16.32"
 11 x 11  20.92"  16.91"  17.61"


Commercial Performance – in Class Rooms

Commercial applications, specifically classrooms, often combine the use of fresh air or ventilation to improve indoor air quality. Within a room with 200CFM of fresh air added, a system with active UVantage™ air treatment provides 97% sterilization against airborne pathogens after 2 hours of operation.


Managing Airborne Pathogens with UVantage™

COVID-19 heightened the need to reduce airborne pathogens like viruses and bacteria to prevent the spread of infection. Learn how UVC technology works to sterilize indoor air.


IAQ Technology to Improve Air Quality in Our Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness of indoor air quality and schools are being required to take steps to improve existing HVAC systems.


Application Considerations

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