Air Moving Solutions

Forward Curve Blower (along with PSC motor) which come with the reliable NEMA 42/48 Frame in closed or open construction 180-750 watt output motors with 4 pole or 6 pole options with 8-11 inch Dia wheels under different wheel heights as an assembled solution,

General Specifications
  • 230v single phase input, 50hz
  • Outputs up to 750 watts
  • Impeller diameters 80mm to 280mm
  • Impeller construction-Galvanised steel, Plastic

Fandecks with low noise motor which can be PSc or BLDC as needed & a blower with sheet metal base meant for Fan coil units (FCUs) & other applications,

General Specifications
  • 6”, 8” and 9” diameter wheel with various widths available
  • Patented low profile scroll geometry enables this blower to fit in most applications
  • Variable speed, constant torque, and constant airflow ECM
  • 220/230 and 240 VAC single-phase input, 50/60Hz
  • UL & cULrecognized system
  • Uses standard or high efficiency impellers

High Efficiency blower range (HEBs) for applications which run under continuous long-time loads,

General Specifications
  • 9" 10" and 11" diameter wheels from 4" to 11" wide
  • Available Range 1/3HP To 1 HP
  • Patented blower housings
  • Operating speed range up to 1400 rpm
  • Reduces pressure drop across appliance
  • Saves from 10% to 30% of the watts as compared to standard technology blowers
  • UL® & cUL recognized system

DecStars (Integrated blower with EC motor) which come in multiple sizes as desired fitted with our patented Axial EC motors which deliver 34% higher CFM with an as reliable best-in-class power saving/efficiency

General Specifications
  • 10" and 9" diameter wheel with various widths available
  • Unique blower system removes motor from blower inlet eliminating restriction and improving system efficiency
  • Operating speed range of 250 - 1400 rpm
  • 4 pin Serial, and 16 pin Thermostat and PWM input to control
  • Variable speed, constant torque/ constant airflow ECM
  • 120/240/277 and 120/240 VAC single-phase input, 50/60Hz
  • UL® & cUL recognized system

AxiFan employs an integrated blower with BLDC motor with 6 & 8 inch wheel Dia options with air delivery ranging from 200-1000CMH, both fixed-speed motor or variable speed motor options being available

General Specifications
  • 6” & 8’’diameter wheel Available
  • VSP input to control
  • Max operating speed up to 2500 rpm
  • Overheating/overvoltage/overcurrent protection
  • Unique motor mounts with welded on brackets support the motor
  • Constant Speed/Constant Torque/Constant Airflow
  • Optimized impeller design allows lowest noise

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