Air Conditioner Motors

Marathon Electric India Pvt Ltd, has its best-in-class vertically integrated motor manufacturing facility located at Faridabad & is known for manufacturing highly reliable air conditioning equipment motors. In-house facilities like Lamination punching, Rotor die-casting, Automatic Machine Winding & Varnishing, Powder Coated Shell & CapCan making, Computerized motor testing & leading application engineering enables this facility to be the preferred location for customers the world over.

The said facility established in 1965, then acquired by General Electric USA and subsequently bagged by Regal Rexnord serves India’s leading OEMs as Voltas, Blue Star, JCH-Hitachi, Daikin, Carrier, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Godrej, Lloyd, Prijai, Napolean & a few others, through its globally proven NEMA Fr-42 & Fr-48 platform, churning out Genteq & Marathon brand motors with lowest of PPMs.

It also serves the Middle East key clientele such as Awal Gulf, SAMCO, Zamil Airconditioning, York, Trosten, Mekar, Coolex & Risco as also multiple reputed customers in the US, all of whom prefer it as their primary, reliable & energy efficient motor source for Air conditioning applications.

Precisely casted & machined aluminum end shields fitted with babbit sleeve bearings & lubricated by permawick grease allow it 30000 hrs or more of bearing life with continuous running at rated load conditions.

Laminations designed for high torque & efficiency and as low noise, suitable for 4/6/8 pole winding configuration make it the preferred choice of customers.

These motors are available with closed & open construction, rugged ball & sleeve bearings in copper & aluminum winding options. For years together, our motors have kept pace with customers in their efforts to over-achieve the BEE-designated air conditioner star ratings.

Faridabad facility continues to strive to be in line with our global mission…“We create a better tomorrow by energy-efficiently converting power into motion”.


Type Neema Frame Motor Dia Construction Rating (HP) No Of Poles Mounting Arrangment
Fr-29 42 125MM shell 1/20 to1/3 4,6 Resillent Base,Rubber Ring Lug ,case Bolt,Pad, C ring
Fr-39 48 142MM shell 1/10 to 1 4,6,8 Resillent Base,Rubber Ring Lug ,case Bolt,Pad, C ring
Fr-29 CapCan 42 125MM Cap can 1/30 to1/6 4,6 Plate Mounting
95 Dia - 95MM Cap can 1/30 to/1/8 4,6 Integrated Lug

Room Air Conditioner Motors


Commercial Air Conditioner Motors


  • Efficient Electrical design and precise rotor-stator slot combination give cool, quite operation and lower inputs
  • Precision machined surfaces for correct alignment of shaft and bearings
  • lnner and outer slingers return oil to wicks for longer life through greater oil retention
  • Lubricant system uses only highest quality oil with acid and oxidation inhibitors

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