Five Tips for Buying an Air Conditioner
  • Star Rating- Minimum 4 star or 5 star Air Conditioner should be bought for lesser power consumption.
  • Now Inverter duty AC unit are also available with competitive price and should be Explored while selecting the units for lower power consumption.
  • Low Noise and High Bearing Life System- Marathon AC Hi efficient motors like 95 Dia,Fr-29,Fr-39 and PM Motor like Inspire IDU,Minidrive ODU,Windrive ODU,Smartdrive FCU,ECM Motor Range & Decstar Blower system are designed to produce minimum noise and lower power consumption with better bearing system to enhance AC unit life.
  • Service Network- While buying an Air Conditioner, one should always keep its service network in mind. Local Service network and easy availability of spares is always beneficial.
  • Size of Unit- Compact size of unit should also be considered for better aesthetics and space management.

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